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This is my journey from 208 lbs to happy and healthy. Join me on this awesome adventure! I'm a big personal poster and I love to find other fitblrs who do lots of personal posts. (So just shoot me an ask if that's what you do so I can follow!)

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Living life to the. fullest

Lucky you guys

I’m down 50 pounds and that means you get to see my awesome pictures.

(You guys know I’m a pretty facetious person right?)

Anyway, the first two pictures are me at my starting weight at 208 in Nov 2012 - 158 TODAY.




Yea sorry I really need to figure out how close I was to the mirror before I take the picture… 

Also morning light and sports bra, still not as flattering as I would have them.

This next one I did a B&A from last month to see just a 10 pound difference.


Not so dramatic, but still.

Here’s to the next 10 pounds!!

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